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It’s the right thing to do

SportsCarWorkshops 11242014 (8)Every vintage sports car deserves proper maintenance and a good restoration.  If you’ve been around vintage automobiles you know that there is no gray area between a great restoration and a poor one.  Bring us your worn or aged sports car, we will comb through the car and present you with an in depth time/cost analysis of what it will take to bring your car back to something you can be proud of.  We will rebuild the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and restore the body and interior.  In addition, we can make any performance modifications you like.

If after examining your vehicle we find the cost to be beyond your budget, we will discuss this with you rather than let you get in over your head.  We understand that your car may have sentimental value and if it is in running condition, consider our “Rolling Restoration” where we restore one area at a time at your convenience.
In some cases it is more cost effective to simply buy a restored version of your car.  Our network of contacts across the country can help you find what you want.

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