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Parts is parts, right?

SportsCarWorkshops 11242014 (26)Your car is a finely tuned machine that means a lot to you.  Would you install unverified, discount parts on it?  Neither would we!  In our years of experience we have weeded out the inferior parts being sold today and found the brands that match the quality of your car from the factory.

You’ll benefit from our experience

SportsCarWorkshops 11242014 (10)All enthusiasts know that the factory had performance in mind as well as comfort.  We have tested hundreds of combinations of carburetor set-ups, fuel injection modifications, engine upgrades, suspension and brake modifications.  We have numerous sources for these parts and are able to procure them efficiently and with cost in mind.

Prefer to do your own work?

As a Moss distributor, we can get you the same quality parts cheaper than direct! We typically have a moss order arriving a couple times a week, and can help you save on shipping as well.


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